“Matka” is loosely defined as a “lottery”.

Health can be a matka game. The genes we have determine to some extent how healthy we will be and how long we will live, without disability.

Not getting into a major accident is a matka. Seeing the “right” doctor the first time we have a problem determines whether we will be diagnosed and treated correctly or whether our case will become one of those “oops” problems.

Where you live, how far away we are from the hospital, the presence or absence of a lift in our building…all of these are factors that can determine whether we will live or die if we have an acute event.

I have been planning to write about factors that affect health for sometime now.

While so many things are not in our things, quite a few are. Eating right, exercising, getting the right screening done at the right time, seeing the correct doctors, following advice, avoiding stupid dogmas…all of these can go a long way in helping us to live well, long and healthy.