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Bull-Headed Doctors – Yes, We Are and Proudly So!!

Last week, the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, whose name apparently is “Fag gan Singh Kulaste” called doctors “Kuchra Bail”, meaning “bull-headed”. 

His problem apparently is that doctors don’t listen to anyone and when they are asked to fall in line they resign and leave.

He is not the first one to feel so frustrated.

No one really knows what to do with doctors. Politicians, private equity, hospital administrators, ministers, social workers…all of those who work with health care policy and business and growth, intrinsically hope for a system where doctors are redundant and everything can be managed by easily controllable nurses, technologists…and management.

Like it happens in all other industries! There are workers and there is management. Management decides policy and gives orders and workers have to obey and work.

In healthcare, unfortunately, there is a third layer…doctors, who are highly intelligent, perhaps more than all the others that I have just mentioned, have the ability to earn more than them as well and if challenged at some point will fight back, because they know there will always be another buyer for their skills.

The only way to manage healthcare policy is to work with doctors. Many politicians hope that by increasing the number of medial seats, they can create a glut of doctors, which will then lead to commoditisation and the easy ability to control them…forget it. If there are too many doctors without jobs, they will move into the public services, into upper management and into politics and eventually displace all those non-doctors who currently want to control doctors.

Remembers, Mr. Bashar Al Assad is an ophthalmologist…(not a very great example, but it’s just to let non-doctors know what doctors are capable of)

And doctors make the best hospital administrators

As well as entrepreneurs.

If you have saved even one life in your life, you know that decision making under pressure is what doctors do.

Don’t call it bull-headedness, when someone smarter and more qualified challenges the decisions and policies of those who have no business perhaps to be making them in the first place.

Work with doctors. That will be good for everyone in the long run!!!


  1. you need to proofread. medical has been misspelt medial.

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